Saline Feb 2008

Fri night camp at Jawbone, past the big pipe. Don't ask about all the confusion last night.

We left home Fri night, and just did a quick "throw down" camp.

Shoeless is taking some photos.

Paloma gave Sunshine Kid a present!

Breakfast & maps at Jawbone Station

Laving the 395, we hit the dirt roads

South Pass was a little snowy & muddy, but no problem. I had checked with the DV bbs for current info.

Nan & Pete. We've met them before in the Inyo mtns!

a tear drop tour

Signpost near Lower Warm Springs, Saline Valley

Bat Rock Road leads to the warm springs (or whatever you want to call it)


the oasis at Lower Warm Springs

Harmony in Camp. Oops!

On a day trip from camp. We explored to the north


snack break

Shoeless is not at work, but seems to shop in the company store.

white minerals from a small spring

my footprint in the minerals

The girls walk together

but the boys don't

We returned to camp to find a well attended softball game!

Shoeless had an access problem. Keys locked in the storage box.

rock scorpion at Lower Warm Springs

The only lush grass for miles & miles

It really is an oasis!

with a hot shower

This hole is where all the hot water comes from. We are all careful not to use it faster than it can produce hot water.

passing saline dry lake

Road is not as smooth as it may look.

This road is absolutely BRUTAL washboard. Miles of it.

Uh oh! the trailer frame is tearing apart. This is NOT good! We are in trouble.

Well we are 2 hours from camp, and 50 miles from pavement. About 260 miles from home.

We are going to have to get it home somehow!

Since we can't count on the leaf spring anymore, we insert some wood between the axle & frame.

Strap it all up. No spring action. Just trying to hold the parts together,

Running straps from the axle to the front.

Getting dark as we got underway again. The 1st 60 miles of rough roads took us 8 hours!

After I did some metal cutting & grinding, our good friend welded the repair.