TearDrop Trailers go way back. Here are some articles about them that were published in magazines.If you're thinking of building one yourself, you really ought to be sure to build it sturdy enough for these modern times & highway speeds. Some of these vintage articles don't look sturdy enough to me!

1939 Popular Home Craft Midget Trailer by Hi Sibley

1940 Popular Mechanix Honeymoon House Trailer (the trailer made of dimes)

1947 Mechanix Illustrated (pdf)

The following PDF's of articles were grabbed from TinyTears.cc Hopefully, they won't mind. I've seen so many websites come & go that I now recommend that you save what you want while it's available because 33% of all the websites won't be there after 2 years. TinyTears also offers higher quality scans of these for a fee.

1953 Popular Machanix Building the Wild Goose From the April 1953 Popular Mechanics magazine, a do-it-yourselfer's version of the KAMPMASTER, commercially produced in the late '40s, approximately 11' long and 6' wide with 4' high walls. The rear hatch lifts up higher than expected to allow walk-in access to the stand-up screened-in kitchen inside the back of the trailer.

Camp Trailer Mechanix Illustrated August 1956 & Mechanix Illustrated: How-To-Do-It Encyclopedia Volume 4, 1961

Dec 1936 Building a Teardrop Sleeper Trailer by CM George. From Mechanics and Handicrafts December 1936

Gypsies Luxury Trailers create a new army of “Modern Gypsies”
Popular Science Monthly April 1936

Jim Dandy Cabin Cruiser Model “C” Plans

Lil Guy Mechanix Illustrated March 1951

Runlite Modern Mechanix How-To-Build-It 1938 Edition

Tears of Joy Roads to Adventure Fall 1998

Uni Wheel Sportsmen’s Manual 1937 Edition

Wander Pup Popular Home Craft February 1951