Inyos Memorial Day 2008

Carroll Creek Road. quick overnight camp off 395. ~20 mi S Lone Pine.

THAWED! When we left here 3 hours ago, it was really snowy!

Off for a walk!

Lunch Stop across the Valley. Good place for a nap too.

Looking North, this is the road in that was snowed under. IT is way steeper & mnore sidehill on the other side.

Our camp (without snow)

about 46º in the shade

Annie works on the Goat Cheese tart

Almost done! She's using a real tort pan w/ removable bottom.

This Goat Cheese tart was cooked over a fire. Carefully removing it in 1 piece.

Sunday morning- looking out snowed over trailer window

Already melting! 8am Sunday.

Mr. Shortpants (did't even bring any long pants, nor a jacket)

Some people Know how to bundle up!

Mug of warm cereal!

Snowing again! 9 am Sunday

All melted by 1pm Sunday!

Sunday Drive

Starting to snow again!

Boomerang & Harley looking for their toy in the snow,

Boomerang & Harley

A winning ticket & a Crown!

She gets to drive the orange 1971 Bronco!

Snowing again 8:30 pm Sunday in camp

Invited B&H over for dinner, moved the table inside

snow dusting the Jeep 11:30pm Sunday

Much deeper snow Monday 7:30am

Yeah, it's deeper this time. I kept expecting it to get sunny & warm. June is just a week away!

Jeep is thick with snow

Must of snowed all night.

By noon, much had melted again,. We are on the other side now. Going around, not over that steep icy part.

Noon Monday. Papoose Flat

2PM, and we are done with snow! Now in northern Death Valley.

Eureka Dunes, Death Valley, CA

Lunch at Eureka Dunes picnic/camp area.

That's the dunes! We decide to part ways until next time.

Dedeckera Canyon, 6.1 miles from Eureka Dunes picnic. This looks great!

View of Eureka Dune from where we camped


Evening falls over Eureka Dune. View of back side from 6.1 miles away.

Leaving Dedeckera Canyon back th way we came.

Eureka Dunes Map, from sign

The 1 restroom at Eureka Dunes

Eureka Dunes Map

We saw a series of these holes, even spaced along the road. My Jeep is on the road, see it?

An interesting looking road. We'll have to come back to check it out.

gps coodinate position of stone cabin. N 37º 16.837' W 117º 52.333'

Stone Cabin

Looks like another smaller subterranean stone cabin ruin

What did they get in these big square cans?

Stone Cabin


former mining area, mines all buried.

Joshua Tree seed pods. They are almost like melons or cucumber inside.

Later, the white seeds will dry to black & rattle.

Flag is straight out! Crackling in the wind!

Back at the corner of Big Pine

THE Big Pine

THE Big Pine